Detailed Comparison of Hourly Rate to Standard Rate

for the period to

Service Location:
Bill Group:

Electricity Usage
Capacity Obligation
Line Item Charges with Hourly Rate Charges with Standard Rate Savings with Hourly Rate
Electricity Supply Services
Electricity Supply Charge
Community Generation (kWh)
Transmission Services Charge
Capacity Charge
Purchased Electricity Adjustment
Misc. Procurement Component Charge
Net Metering Credit - Hourly Pricing
Net Metering Credit - Supply
Delivery Services - ComEd
Customer Charge
Standard Metering Charge
Distribution Facilities Charge
IL Electricity Distribution Charge
Net Metering Credit - Delivery
Taxes and Other
Environmental Cost Recovery Adj
Renewable Portfolio Standard
Zero Emission Standard
Carbon-Free Energy Resource Adj
Energy Efficiency Programs
Energy Transition Assistance Charge
Franchise Cost
State Tax
Municipal Tax
Hourly Generation Credit
Net Metering Credit - Other
Total Current Charges

Note: All values are calculated estimates based on current rates.

The Deferred Prosecution Agreement line item in the Taxes, Fees and Other section of your April 2023 bill is not included in Hourly Pricing billing details nor does it impact Hourly Pricing bill comparison calculations.