Alert Settings

Hourly Pricing alerts have been enhanced to help you save even more. The alerts will tell you to either reduce now or tomorrow.

Alerts are sent when electricity prices are trending high or when electricity is expected to be in high demand the following day.

No matter when an alert tells you to reduce, you can take the same actions - like delaying the start of major appliances or raising your air conditioner thermostat by a few degrees.

Alert Communication Preferences

You will only receive a phone call for alerts that tell you plan to save energy the following day.

Load Guard Settings

Load Guard is a service offered to all Hourly Pricing participants with a central air conditioner who are also enrolled in ComEd’s Central Air Conditioning Cycling (AC Cycling) program. Load Guard automatically moderates your central AC usage during high-priced hours. When the 14 cent price level is reached, Load Guard switches your central AC into a conservation mode for a two-hour period. During this conservation mode, your air conditioner’s compressor will cycle off and on every 15 minutes. For Load Guard FAQs visit:

Note: Customers enrolled in ComEd"s Peak Time Savings program are ineligible to enroll in Central AC Cycling or its Load Guard option. If you wish to enroll in Central AC Cycling, please visit the Peak Time Savings enrollment page to remove your home from the program before enrolling in Central AC Cycling.

Step 1 Sign up for the ComEd AC Cycling program.
Before you enroll in the Load Guard program, you must first enroll in the ComEd AC Cycling program here:

Step 2Enroll in Load Guard. After you have enrolled in the ComEd AC Cycling program, you may enroll in Load Guard or change your settings below.

Load Guard Settings

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