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What Is Hourly Pricing?

ComEd’s Hourly Pricing is an electric supply rate that lets you pay for electricity at the hourly market price. By shifting some of your energy use to lower-priced hours, you could save money on your monthly bills.

How To Save Money

With Hourly Pricing, you can take control of how and when you use energy.

Energy prices are lower during times of lower demand.
Save by shifting your energy use – like using your dishwasher or doing laundry – to lower-priced hours.
We’ll help you monitor prices and occasionally send you alerts so you know the best times to use less energy.
Hourly Pricing offers seasonal saving tips, monthly reports, tools to automate savings, and live customer support.

Something For Everyone

Hourly Pricing offers unique benefits for households with:

Save This WinterSummer

This winter, warm your home and keep your energy bill low with the Hourly Pricing Winter Guide.
This summer, cool your home and keep your energy bill low with the Hourly Pricing Summer Guide.