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  • Contact Information
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Contact Information

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Contact Information

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ComEd Electric Bill Information

ComEd Electric Bill Information
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Find your ComEd account number on a recent bill, or by logging into your account at

If your account number has less than 10 digits, add zeros as needed in front of your account number.

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Home Information

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Choose Notification Method For Hourly Pricing Alerts

We’ll alert you to the most important time to save energy.

The alerts will tell you to either reduce electricity use now or tomorrow. Alerts are sent when electricity prices are trending high or when electricity is expected to be in high demand the following day.

Please select your preferred way to receive alerts:
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You will only receive a phone call for alerts that tell you to plan to save energy the following day.

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Referral Information

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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Authorization to commence service under ComEd’s Rate BESH (Basic Electric Service – Hourly Energy Pricing).

Applicable to all residential customers who purchase their electricity supply through ComEd. Customers who purchase electricity supply from a Retail Electric Supplier cannot simultaneously take service under ComEd’s Rate BESH (the hourly rate used for ComEd’s Hourly Pricing program).

Note: Savings are not guaranteed. You are more likely to see savings on ComEd’s Hourly Pricing program if you regularly use more than 350 kWh each month. Your monthly kWh usage can be found on your electric bill. For assistance, please contact an Hourly Pricing specialist at 888-202-7787.

Savings on ComEd’s Hourly Pricing will vary month-to-month based on market rates, weather and individual electricity usage. Customers interested in ComEd’s Hourly Pricing program who have selected another electric supplier or are included in municipal aggregation should check with their supplier regarding cancellation terms and conditions before enrolling. Please thoroughly read the Frequently Asked Questions and ComEd’s Hourly Pricing Guide before enrolling.

By clicking the submit button, I confirm that:

  • This account is in my name.
  • I reviewed the terms of taking service and the applicable charges under Rate BESH, and I authorize ComEd to switch my account and commence service under that rate.
  • I acknowledge that participation in ComEd’s Hourly Pricing program does not guarantee future savings over the standard fixed-price rate and that my individual savings and billing totals from month to month may be higher or lower than the fixed-priced rate.
  • I may request to leave the Hourly Pricing program at any time; however, I may not rejoin the program for 12 billing periods following the completion of my account’s last billing period on Hourly Pricing.
  • If my home already has a smart meter(s), I understand that it/they can be used to participate in ComEd’s Hourly Pricing program.
  • I acknowledge that a meter(s) compatible with ComEd’s Hourly Pricing program must be installed at my home before commencing service under Rate BESH, and furthermore I hereby terminate service under Rider NAM – Non AMI Metering (Rider NAM) and authorize the installation of an AMI smart meter on my premises, if applicable.
  • I authorize this participation agreement to be secured and maintained by the Program Administrator, currently Elevate Energy, and I authorize ComEd to release my electric energy usage and billing information to the Program Administrator, who may change in the future.
  • If I elect to receive Hourly Pricing Alerts via text messaging (SMS), I will receive a text message when hourly prices for electricity supply are trending at or above $0.14/kWh or when electricity is expected to be in high demand the following day. I understand that I may opt out at any time from these text alerts by texting STOP to (737) 307-8459 and that message and data rates may apply. As the account holder I hereby agree to the text messaging (SMS) Terms and Conditions of the program administrator’s SMS service provider which can be found at